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Three words are part of the vocabulary that is familiar to Casa dei Salici. These three important words open a general vision about our principles  and they also become the modus operandi of  all our activities.

It could not be easy to understand them, but these compound words are very persuasive so they are not just talks, otherwise they become daily attitude and a way of living.

These words are: permaculture, resilience and Dionysian. Hereafter, some of these become actions.


We design the crops as natural ecosystems that are renewed from year to year increasing fertility, as well as the forest makes. The ultimate goal is the creation of a food forest, which provides and enhances cultivated or spontaneous edible and medical plants, to recover local variety of fruits that do not require protective measures against diseases and pests.

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We produce fertility and energy
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Do not call them worms:

fertility at home

with vermicompost

They are industrious and greedy, so they eat and eat. They give us a rich and nourishing compost for soil and plants.

They are our best allies because

we improve our crops

and we can sell the surplus.             

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Hot compost:

from the organic waste

to humus

We use waste products (leaves, dead branches, table scraps, etc.)

and we form the piles of measured percentage material. Bacterial activators will turn

waste into wealth.

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Heat home

at no cost

or the thermo compost

The results of the experiment that took place at Casa dei Salici surprised everyone: using the hot compost technique we were able to heat the house introducing hot water in the heating system and reaching a temperature of 55 °.

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We are riding!

The stable of Casa dei Salici

Full welcome to horses and riders: a stable composed of 12 boxes with paddocks, outdoor work area and the possibility to enjoy long stays with complete or English service. You can have a horse riding guide at your disposal for unusual itineraries in the natural park of the Madonie

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